• 17 Years in The Construction World

    A company Dedicate To Make A Difference

    Oromo Cultural Center

  • State of the art machinery

    Dedicated To Make A Difference

  • Quality

    We aim and work towards accomplishing results which are refined well built and in accordance to design and standards.

  • We carry on

    Afro-Tsion construction has constructed several complex structures over the years we have embarked on interesting and
    challenging projects and we have always managed to earn our customers satisfaction by doing outstandingly on merits of
    quality and on time delivery

  • Ensuring Budget Quality and Time

    Dedicated To Make Difference

  • Helping Build The Nation

    Afro-Tsion construction is a firm believer in making a difference and as such our motto”Dedicated to make a difference”in this regard Afro-Tsion is proud that is fulling its corporate social responsibility by leading a hand in building this nation we have fully financed and undertaken construction of a number of educational facilities in different parts of the country

Quality Policy

The Top Management of Afro-Tsion Construction PLC is highly committed to:
Deliver Buildings,Bridges,Roads, and other Construction services that can satisfy the requirement of he clients related statutory and regulatory requirements Of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System through the active involvement of its competent and motivated employees and other stakeholders.Drive continual improvement throughout the organization by improving the efficiency of its employees: by engaging in quality construction materials production and by using appropriate machinery and technologies this quality policy will be reviews as appropriate for continuing suitabilit


Executing the construction of airport runways that meet international and local standards

carrying out tasks with supreme quality that guarantees delivering full-proof buildings

Playing a key role in the nation’s transition to industry by handing over major factories of excellent standards

Handling with great care, the construction of modern health centers equipped with the basic medical installations of the day

Making sure that the working force is provided with an environment that is suited to revive its working initiative

Building structures that can go across both locations and the tests of time

Realizing the concepts of our clients to build modern shopping centers that can stand out from the cluster

Providing the youth with complete sport facilities and contributing to the nation building a new healthy generation

Taking on major constructions in building the intellectual centers of the country by meeting and exceeding customer demands

Dedicated To Make Difference